Cancellation Policy

In the event Signature Event Solutions, LLC determines cancellation of reservation or rental contract is appropriate due to inclement weather conditions (i.e. precipitation, high winds, thunderstorms, exceptionally cold temperatures, etc.), other acts of nature, and/or any other proclaimed dangerous circumstances, customer shall be entitled to full refund of security deposit.

SES further reserves right of cancellation for any reservation for purposes of general safety and/or failure of customer to provide acceptable unit installation environment. Deposit non-refundable.

While reservation security deposits are considered non-refundable, SES reserves right to allow for exceptions upon prompt notification of cancellation.  Such notification must be provided minimum 7 calendar days prior to scheduled event to be deemed eligible for full refund of deposit and/or fee. (example: A Saturday event must be canceled on or before Saturday previous to receive full refund).

Rental units shall be considered rented and non-refundable upon unit/s delivery and customer acceptance.  (Severe weather exceptions apply)