Inflatable Rolling Instructions

The key to a properly rolled inflatable unit is preparing the deflated material to be straight, flat and evenly distributed over the surface area.  This will allow for neat, even folds to the center of the deflated unit.

  1. Beginning left to right, then right to left of “opened” blower ports, fold material toward the center of the deflated unit.
  2. Fold the deflated unit material as one would fold a “large bed sheet.”  Be sure to tuck all colorful designs inside folds to prevent contact with the ground.
  3. For larger units, visually divide the unit into fourths, or quadrants.  Smaller units, thirds.  Fold left side inward, then the right side.
  4. Continue to fold unit from left to right, and right to left toward the center until folded layers overlap leaving a single center strip.
  5. Tuck in extra material, leaving air ports out for remaining air to escape as you roll.
  6. Gently walk over surface of folded unit toward air ports to push out excess air.
  7. At the blower port end where roll will finish, place tie straps 2 – 3 ft under unit.  These straps will be used to secure the rolled unit.  Doing so now will prevent lifting the rolled unit to place tie straps. It will be heavy!.
  8. Begin rolling at end opposite blower ports.  Remaining air will push out as the unit is rolled.  Roll as straight and tight as possible, keeping the roll lined up, and tucking any overlapping material.  One side will need to be as “flush” as possible in order for the finished roll to be turned to a free standing position.  Be careful to not allow any part of the roll to sag, as slack rolls are difficult to move and will not stand freely. Take your time, you can do it!  Roll it tight!
  9. Once you’ve completely rolled the unit, back your roll up enough to tuck away exposed blower ports.  After tucking away ports, roll it back to completion.
  10. Tie off roll with straps already in place (aren’t you glad you placed them earlier?).  Check one last time for loose or protruding extra material, tucking away where necessary.
  11. Turn unit to standing position upon most flush end.
  12. Place in bag, when applicable, pulling bag from the top down to ground level. Rotate the unit in bag for transportation.

Congratulations!  You’ve successfully rolled the inflatable unit!  It is now ready to be loaded and returned along with stakes, tarps, blowers, and other installation materials.  We are glad to have helped make your event a success and greatly appreciate your business!