Safe Operation Instructions

Your inflatable bounce house has been properly installed and secured.  The kids are itching to climb in.  Time to get your party JUMPIN!  The following operation instructions will insure the maximum safety and enjoyment of the unit:

  1. Carefully review both the safety policies provided by your Kicks and Giggles staff member, and the those posted at the entry portal of the unit itself.
  2. Adult supervision is required at all times. Never leave the Inflatable unattended or unwatched.
  3. Participants must remove shoes, pocket items, glasses, jewelry, and any sharp objects before entering the unit.
  4. Maintain recommended capacity of riders inside the unit. Depending upon the size and weight of participants, most units allow 4-8 riders inside at a time (Refer to posted unit instructions).
  5. Do not allow small children to participate with larger children.  Lighter children will easily lose balance, the most common cause of unnecessary injury.
  6. Diving and flipping are strictly prohibited.  Absolutely no back flips, rough-housing, horseplay, or bouncing against walls of the unit. Guests should not take unnecessary risks.
  7. No food, drink, or gum on or inside the unit.
  8. Do not allow guests near the blower area of the unit to avoid unintentional loss of power or air flow.  Tripping over and/or disconnecting the power source will cause the unit to deflate suddenly while participants are inside.
  9. In the event of unintended changes to the proper and normal operation of the unit, quickly and calmly evacuate the unit until proper operation is resumed.
  10. Reserve a minimum 10 minutes of playtime for YOURSELF!

Enjoy your afternoon of kicks and giggles!!

*The Inflatable should not be operated in winds exceeding 20 mph.
*The Inflatable should not be used in rain or lightning conditions.  See Weather Policy for further details and restrictions.