Planning Your Event

Are you planning an event that requires organization and coordination that extends beyond your comfort zone?  A Company Picnic, Employee Party, Family Reunion, a Festival for School or Church?  Organizing an event that ultimately meets, and hopefully surpasses, expectations will require several essential steps of planning to ensure success.  But no worries, you can do it!

If this is your first time undertaking this endeavor, consider the following questions that are sure to arise:   Where will I secure entertainment for my guests?  Will guests include children as well as adults?  What kind of food should be served?  Is there an appropriate theme and or atmosphere for the event?  What is my budget?

Planning your event doesn’t have to be an overwhelming challenge. Here are easy steps you can take that will allow you to relieve, and even avoid, the unpleasant stress of designing and producing a SPECTACULAR event that every guest will enjoy.

Seven Steps to a Successful Event

  1. Plan Ahead:  Estimate the number of guests; Determine a budget; Select a location, date and time; Choose the desired atmosphere, food/menu, and entertainment.
  2. Prepare an Agenda:  An effective agenda includes a prioritized list of tasks, assignments of whom shall complete them, and deadlines.
  3. Contact Professional Coordinators/Planners:  Save time and money by utilizing their experience and ability to organize and facilitate details. Ask for a Quote.
  4. Check References:  How well has the Coordinator / Planner satisfied the expectations of past clients?
  5. Ask Questions:   Does your Coordinator/Planner have a particular specialty?  What type events have they produced?  For how many?
  6. Evaluate the Venue:  Visit the venue with your Coordinator/Planner well in advance of the event.  Ensure the specific needs and details for your event, such as parking availability, fluid traffic flow within the venue,  ample seating and serving areas, trash removal, etc., can be accommodated.
  7. Secure a Contract:  Have all the details you have agreed upon written into a Contract.

Planning Considerations: 

Begin planning a couple of months ahead, or sooner if possible. A year of planning may be appropriate for events celebrating significant milestones, such as 25th, 50th or 100th anniversaries or birthdays.  Prepare a checklist outlining your agenda.  Prioritizing and advanced planning ensures that your location, its accommodations, the food, provisions, and entertainment will be booked accordingly, and that your event date will be available and more broadly convenient.  Early booking, in turn, can save dollars spent on fees that can be applied to other priorities on your agenda.

Guest Considerations:  

An accurately estimated number of expected guests helps when choosing food/menu items and entertainment for the event.  The ages of guests will be important during considerations.  Young children, teens, adults, and seniors can vary greatly in their tastes.  Be sure to consider all influences that may impact guest attendance and/or participation in your event.  Failing to recognize unique planning needs can mean the difference between a lack-luster and SPECTACULAR production!

Location Considerations:  

The convenience of your event location is significant.  Will guests find the location easily accessible?  Is there ample parking?  Can vendors, caterers, and other service providers efficiently use the facility?

Signature Event Solutions wants to ensure that every detail of your event has been thoroughly considered.  We can plan budgets, incorporate creative ideas to suit the needs of your event, as well as provide all necessary provisions, from audio/visual, to decorative design, to portable restrooms.  Our job is to bring your visions to reality!  Let us help you design and produce an extraordinary event!  From all-day, all-you-can-eat catering, to exciting inflatable equipment and carnival games, to tents, tables, and chairs, Signature Event Solutions provides comprehensive event services!  Call us today!