Takedown Instructions

Deflating a bounce house is less time consuming than setting it up.  Grab an extra body and you’ll find the take-down process is even easier!

  1. All guests should be clear of the bounce house.
  2. Check for loose items left in, around, or on the unit (Sweep or vacuum debris where appropriate).
  3. Remove stakes, flagging, sand bags, etc. while locating the air escape zipper/s (usually found along bottom of entry step or at the end of slide).
  4. Turn off and unplug blower, disconnecting the blower from the port (air tube).
  5. Open all Velcro/Zipper flaps, vents, and ports to allow air to escape and the unit to deflate.

Deflation time varies per unit, but usually takes 8–15 minutes. Now you’re ready to fold and roll the inflatable unit.