Moonbounce, inflatable, waterslide, bounce house rental.Kids have to be told over and over, “Don’t jump on the bed!” and “No bouncing on the sofa!”  Well, kids will be kids!  Inflatable bounce products provide the perfect environment for that innate energy and desire to bounce.  Young and old alike are drawn to the bright colors and imaginative designs available in inflatable bounce equipment.  One look at a colorfully adorned inflatable, and all kids, large and small, are ready to go!

Kicks and Giggles Rentals offers top quality inflatable rentals, interactive games, and furnishings for events of all sizes.  Our customers receive competitive pricing, package deals, and a full range of products proven to make any event a success.

Check out our selection and give us a call!  We’re where to rent a bounce house, inflatable bouncer, waterslide, or moonbounce.  We can’t wait to meet you and help make your upcoming event a smash hit!